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APRA’s Impact on Australian Property, 2019-2022

Little-Known Government Incentives That Deliver Positive Cashflow

I’d like to share a quote from Warren Buffett which applies directly to the somewhat shaky Australian property market over the last few years… 

“You never know who's swimming naked until the tide goes out.”

This means when the market is easy, bullish, and heading in an upward direction, almost all investors look good. On the other hand, when things worsen, and ‘dartboard returns’ disappear, it is much easier to see who actually knows what they’re doing.

After over a decade of investing experience, I have learnt how to read the markets from years of raw experience...

And, I created a new time-sensitive report addressing the impending impact of APRA on the Australian property marketplace over the next 3 years…

Including why the APRA changes were initially brought in, what really caused some Sydney and Melbourne properties to fall by as much as 15 to 20%...

And what you can do to avoid being ‘shark bait’ over the next 3-7 years - including my prediction on…


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The Property Market: Will it Boom, Bust or Remain Steady?

And that’s just the beginning. In this report, you’ll also discover… 

  • Why property investors have unprecedented opportunities in today's market, thanks to new government policies & incentives
  • Policy round-up for ACT & NT, WA, SA, NSW, QLD, VIC and TAS
  • High rental yield case studies from around the country
  • Who the 80% of people looking for rental properties really are - this will surprise you
  • Only got $8,000 to $10,000 to spare? Here's an easy way to get into the market anyway and collect a 100% cash-on-cash return
  • How to convert a negatively geared property to positive cash flow
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