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Learn to build and scale your property income

and create a legacy for your family.

"Success comes to those who do things that people who fail, don’t want to do."

Ian Ugarte

Ian Ugarte / Property Developer, Educator, Mentor

A property training day you won't want to miss!

Property is as much about the 'WHY' as it is the 'HOW'.

Too many investors limit their success by following the herd, switching strategies too often, or never setting the intention behind their investment goals. I want to help you build a legacy through your investing, with a strategy and system that builds your cash flow and equity year-after-year. 

Join me this November 13th for a full day bootcamp on how to invest in the current market and build a legacy for you and your family in the long run.


WHERE: Online - Join us for this 1 day Masterclass via Zoom from anywhere!

WHEN: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM AEST

COST: FREE for all IAN UGARTE Students, Graduates, and Subscribers 

Ian Ugarte

A Full Day of Advanced

Property Training

A full day of property education covering the most powerful strategy you should employ to take advantage of the CURRENT MARKET and build your legacy over time!

Live, Online & Interactive


Login from wherever you are via Zoom as we stream live from Ian's Sunshine Coast recording studio. Join break out sessions, group discussions, live Q&A's, quizzes + more.

Network with Successful

Property Entrepreneurs

Ian's most successful graduates and clients will join us to break down their successful projects. Network and learn from those who are already building a legacy for their families. 

What's in it for me?

Strategies to help you break free faster

Property entrepreneurs aren't side-hustlers. They focus, refine their strategy, and grow their property incomes and wealth faster. They build upon their success with a focussed goal in mind; whether that's to quit working 9-5, follow their passions, help out their extended families, give back to the community, or pass on a legacy to their kids. At BUILD YOUR LEGACY, you'll learn how to set those goals and employ the best strategy to achieve them.

An action plan to get you to your goals

Dedicated sessions to show you how to make the most of the current market. Learn; what to buy, where to buy, how and when to buy to make the most profit. You'll walk away with a roadmap of how to find your ideal property, how much you should pay for it, and how much it will be worth when you've completed your project. Don't take months to find your next deal. Do it in days!

Surround yourself with success

I maintain that the best deals are brought to you by the relationships you build around you, not the websites that have you stuck behind a keyboard. At PROPERTY PROFITS WITH PURPOSE, you'll meet property investors who've build their wealth, grown their incomes, and changed their lives. Find out how they did it and join a new inner circle!

What we'll cover at the event ...



We start the event where other investors fail. Learn the top mistakes property investors make and how you can avoid them.

micro-apartment strategy


Learn everything from short stay, 'set and forget' strategies, HMO single room rentals, co-living, rooming house + more.


If you're wary of house and land marketeers, learn how custom built co-living projects can rapidly build your cash flow.


To grow your wealth in property, you need to protect it. Learn the best financial structure & purchase entities for your projects.


WHERE: Online - Join us for this 1 day Masterclass via Zoom from anywhere!

WHEN: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM AEST 

COST: FREE for all IAN UGARTE Students, Graduates, and Subscribers 

Join me at Property Profits with Purpose if ...


You have properties and know they could be performing better

Even property investors with sizable portfolios need a reset. The boom is here and you have 3-5 years to take advantage of it and maximise your returns.


You can see the market moving and you don't want to be left behind

Don't believe the hype but DO be aware of it. Join us to learn the best way to jump into the market without getting burned!


You set goals but haven't made a dent in them

Financial New Year resolutions are as useless as fad diets. Chances are without serious direction and guidance, you'll still be where you are now at the end of 2022. 


You've reached your property goals and have a success story to share

Share your secret sauce with us and we'll share ours with you! We want to celebrate your property prowess.

Set your purpose and achieve results like these ...

If you’re serious about property investment, the only way to do it is to accumulate property. The only way to get multiple properties is with cashflow, and this strategy achieves that.

micro-apartment strategy

Matt & Vicky

$35K p/annum uplift

We have been making around $3000 a month of positive cashflow (clear) on the property.

It’s a considerably better return than if we had cash sitting in the bank.

INVIDA Clients

Janet & Roger

$48K p/annum uplift

We got a real estate agent in to get an idea of what it would rent for before the conversion, and they said possibly after $500 per week... Once the micro-apartment conversion was finished, it's now rented for $1220 per week!


Fiona & Darin

$37K p/annum uplift

Free tickets limited. Secure your spot!


Free for IAN UGARTE Students, Graduates, and Subscribers

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