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Get a head start and learn more about how high-yield co-living properties have transformed the incomes and lives of some of our clients and students. Here are just a few of our recent success stories!

Before their IAN UGARTE experience, Melbourne couple Janet and Roger were not confident property investors. “We knew next to nothing about property investing to be honest!” Janet says. But now, with a positive cash flow investment property in Brisbane earning them $3000 clear a month, they plan to do it again as soon as they can. A teacher and school chaplain, Janet says she was “scrolling mindlessly on Facebook” when she came across an ad

Sergio and Paola like the idea of diversification in their property investing. From Peru originally, they’ve built a portfolio of permanent rentals and Airbnbs in Australia where they’ve lived since 1989, and in Spain. Unfortunately they hit a stumbling block when a financier talked them into a new-build investment. In 2014, Sergio, a software development manager and Paola, who runs her own disability carer business, bought a house-and-land package in a suburb of the Gold

Originally from Canada, HI-RES  students Sandra and Richard have been real estate investors for decades. With their combined skills and experience (HR/finance and construction), they were well positioned for success.But an investment decision made after the global financial crisis had left them struggling to recover financially.  They were among many to invest in US property, purchasing 18 houses with a business partner.“We were very excited in the beginning,” Sandra says. “But it just went from

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