Journalist and radio host, Matt Collins, was at all too familiar cross roads 4 years ago. At 37, he was was (in his eyes at least) at a low point of his life. With no partner, a hand-me-down car, and a career not where he thought it would be, he had an epiphany and realised he could do anything he wanted!  That’s how his wildly popular podcast Coffee Chats was born. Matt’s is an intriguing story of how persistence and patience has paid dividends. Join me as we make small talk about big ideas!

About Matt Collins

Journalist and host of the hit podcast and radio show, Coffee Chats with Matt Collins, Matt Collins has chatted with hundreds of well-known and interesting personalities. From politicians to prostitutes, comedians to council workers, Matt has recorded in-depth conversations with household names in every industry. Coffee Chats is downloaded in over 100 countries worldwide. Matt’s relaxed and respectful manner allow his conversations to reach far beyond your usual radio interview, and present his guests in new lights. 

Matt explains, “I like conversations that challenge me, inspire me, and make me think.”

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