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Everyone realises what a dire situation we’re in with housing stress. We’re still a million front doors short when it comes to affordable housing. Lots of well-meaning people are coming up with solutions. But I’m not sure they’re going to work. National Housing AccordWith its National Housing Accord, the Government aims to bring all levels of government together with investors and construction sector experts to meet their target of one million new, well-located homes to

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When you build an adaptable house, you open it up to everyone in the marketplace, instead of just one group. By adaptable, I mean building a rental property investment specifically so it can be configured different ways to accommodate different renter segments. That widens the potential funnel of people who might share the home with you down the track, or rent part or all of it.As opposed to building a regular family home (which gives

6 things people believe about co-living that just aren’t true

I’ve been learning lessons about co-living and HI-RES for 12 years, ever since I realised what a corker of an idea it was. At that time, there were no experts in it. So I did my own investing, making all the mistakes, asking the questions so I could become the expert and teach people – through courses, webinars, podcasts, guest speaking gigs – how to do this for themselves.It’s very frustrating, as a teacher, hearing

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