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Lending Laws Are Changing. What This Means For Property

The lending landscape has been a rugged terrain for the past decade. As a result, so many investors have found themselves stuck and unable to move forward. If that’s you, there’s hope on the horizon! Last week, the government announced the most significant reforms to credit rules in a decade, when they dumped the responsible lending laws imposed by the Rudd government back in 2009.What does this mean for you? And could the removal of red tape

12 Must-Know Property Investment Tips

12 Must-Know Property Investment Tips There is little doubt that buying property can build wealth, but it’s just like any other investment vehicle. You have to know what you are doing. Most people don’t, and when my wife Christine and I started, we didn’t either.  It’s painful to know that the mistakes people make with their property investment strategies could have been avoided with the right education and mentors on your side.  Here’s my Top 12 Must-Know Property Investment Tips

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