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Check out these success stories from some of your fellow HI-RES students.

Real estate investors Sandra and Richard discover HI-RES and lo-stress

Originally from Canada, HI-RES  students Sandra and Richard have been real estate investors for decades. With their combined skills and experience (HR/finance and construction), they were well positioned for success.But an investment decision made after the global financial crisis had left them struggling to recover financially.  They were among many to invest in US property, purchasing 18 houses with a business partner.“We were very excited in the beginning,” Sandra says. “But it just went from

Micro-apartment strategy doubles the rental income for Queensland couple, and inspires them to do it again

Vicky and Matt were already experienced property investors when they heard about the investment strategy of micro-apartment conversions. Now, having doubled the rental income on one house in South East Queensland, they’re looking at how they can expand their strategy into multiple properties. Vicky was on maternity leave after their third child when husband Matt suggested she look into the idea of HMO (house for multiple occupation).Not your average investing newbiesAt the time Matt, an

Rentrepreneurs Soumen and Chaitali invested $15K and created $66K gross income with a co-living conversion

NSW Rentrepreneurs Soumen and Chaitali invested $15K and created a gross income of $66K using co-living conversions. With a minimal investment, you can take a single-family house, add some safety features, and uplift your rental return. Read here how Soumen and Chaitali have done just that … and with a property, they don’t even own. When our students, Soumen, an IT contractor, and Chaitali, expecting their first child, met me at a property conference in

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