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7 Factors Affecting Property Market Trends in 2021

7 factors affecting property market trends in 2021 After a year of ups and downs and contradictions, the loud question on everyone’s lips is what effect the events of 2020 will have on the Property Market Trends for 2021.The effects of COVID-19 have seen us on a roller-coaster of differing opinions about the economy and what will be in store for the coming year.Both investors with existing property portfolios and those looking to move into the

Negative Gearing is Doomed, New Trend Changes Everything

I offloaded 7 negatively geared investment properties in a “fire sale” that cost $300,000.00, before changing my course and leaving paid employment within 13 months. Find out how I cracked the code. In today’s market, the expected rental yield on a negatively geared investment property is about 4.5 to 5%, however I have tapped into a new trend that has allow me to achieve what many consider impossible. Welcome to a world where 10 to

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