Learn the property strategies advanced investors are using right now!


Start or scale your property income with the advanced systems experienced property investors use, no matter what the market conditions.

The property market is constantly changing.

So, how do you know which strategy will work and when?

They used to say that property was as 'safe as houses'. But these days, only the savviest investors keep their property side-hustle humming.

Lately, I'm getting A LOT of questions...

What will COVID-19 mean for property? Should I buy now? Should I sell? Is renovation or flipping the right strategy? How can I optimise the cash flow on my existing properties? Is it better to sit on my hands and wait to see what happens? And most importantly, "Ian, what are you doing in property right now?"

Micro-markets are volatile, rents aren't where they used to be, and can you even rely on capital growth anymore? How do you safeguard your investments, or even think about buying a property, when so much around you is in flux?

It's all pretty confusing. And I've been where you are right now.

Back when I started investing, I followed traditional investment advice and bought residential property after property (all negatively-geared). I was in the 'accumulation phase', and my equity was increasing like mad. 

But eventually, I couldn't afford to hold my properties anymore. The outgoings and finance costs were killing me.

I didn't have another strategy to fall back on. I didn't know of any other way to get out of the situation other than to sell up and practically start again.

You've heard it before, but yes ... I wish I knew then what I know now!

Now, more than ever, property is not a set and forget game.

Truth is, most advanced property investors have multiple strategies at their finger tips at any one time. They pivot, and they deploy the right strategy to take advantage of market fluctuations and stay one step ahead. 

If I had a deeper understanding of all of the strategies investors use to diversify and safeguard their properties, I wouldn't have sat as long as I did in a 'buy and hold' strategy.

Since then, I invested in educating myself. And these days my portfolio is Cash Flow Positive. I mix Development Strategies, Commercial, High Yield Strategies, Subdivision, and more. 

I look harder for a deal, crunch the numbers, and make more profit in the process.

And I put financial strategies in place to protect my assets, minimise my finance costs, and maximise my returns.

It's not easy to find all this information in one place. But I've made sure you can.

Advanced Property Systems

Advanced Property Systems is the ONLINE COURSE that breaks down all of the financial and investment strategies that advanced investors use to stay ahead of the market. Whether you're just starting out, or you're a seasoned investor, this course will give you up-to-date training in property strategies that you can implement right now. 

Learn from the expert in positive cash flow property an invest with confidence.


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Enrolment into Advanced Property Systems gives you lifetime access to the APS Online Course. It features 12 modules of content delivered weekly + our private APS Facebook Group where you have access to your instructor, Ian Ugarte, to ask questions about each week's content, and network with other APS students. Plus, bonus calculators, feasibilities, and workbooks to put your learning into practice.

On-Demand Weekly Video Lessons

Across the initial 12 week program, your online course modules will open, with weekly 1-hour video lessons with your instructor Ian Ugarte, (pre-recorded so that you can stop, review, and replay). Access to the course platform is ongoing.

Downloadable Lesson Worksheets

Download the lesson worksheets as you work through each module to cement your learning. Take notes and complete the lesson tasks as you move through each property strategy. Worksheets can be completed online or downloaded and printed.

Members Only Facebook Group

Join the APS Members-Only Facebook Group to network with other students, and ask direct questions of your instructor, Ian Ugarte, about each week's content. Here you can also request technical support from our team.

Bonus Calculators & Feasibilities

Access professional financial feasibilities, calculators, and checklists designed to help you understand the financial principles behind finding and managing a successful deal, development, renovation, or subdivision.

Here’s what people are saying about the course ...



I joined Ian and Christine's class to learn proven options of how to invest in Real Estate for the long term. I have been involved in the construction and property industry for some 20 years yet I still found Ian's presentations enlightening together with his down to earth invigorating deliveries. Ian provides sensible and proven ways on how to research and how to grow profitably if you're wishing to enter the property market. He always goes the extra mile. You are also not forgotten once you have undertaken the Advanced Property Systems Course. This has given me so much comfort as Ian's knowledge of the Industry is sound and he gives me a different perspective on the current situation evolving, within the changing world of the property market, backed up by research.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone to undertake Ian's courses whether you have been in property for some years, tried investing and it didn't work, or want to learn how others have successfully developed a profitable investment in property.



Ian ran a very detailed and extremely educational 12 week program. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more information and would encourage others with a property and financial freedom mindset to enrol - you will be glad you did.



Advanced Property Systems is a great course to fill in any gaps in your property knowledge. Though I've invested in property before, the course showed me how much there was that I didn't know. Ian's knowledge is far reaching, and his generosity in sharing it in this course has no doubt saved me tens (if not hundreds) of thousands in mistakes I would have made.

Course Curriculum

12 Modules designed to give you a deep understanding of the Property Strategies advanced investors use to always stay one step ahead of the market.


Module 1:
The Mistakes Property Investors Make

We kick start our 12-week traning program with the most common mistakes that novice and some experienced investors make. The market is currently changing and you need to stay one step ahead. So to help you avoid costly pitfalls, we'll challenge old investment paradigms and ensure you're using only the strategies that work in the CURRENT property market.


Module 2:
Asset Protection And Trust Structures

Unsure of the best purchase entity or structure to buy your properties under? Want to know how advanced investors minimise their tax and protect their property assets while maintaining favourable serviceability with banks to borrow and buy again? Don't be seduced into asset protections schemes that costs thousands. We'll give you all the information you need to set up your financial structure right.


Module 3:
Renovation. Can You Flip Your Way To Profit?

We've all heard of renovating for profit or property flipping. But can you still renovate your way to property riches? We'll take you through this strategy's pros and cons, and explain critical feasibilities and due diligence that you'll have to take into consideration to understand whether a deal actually tacks up. Just because a property needs a renovation, doesn't mean you can make money renovating it!


Module 4:
How To Find The Best Deal

So many investors are worried about whether right now is the time to buy, when in fact, the question they should be asking is; "If I buy now, how much should I spend, where should I spend it, and what should I buy? In this module, I'll share the 27-step process I use on every project to unveil; where to buy, how much you can afford, the risks you should consider, and the best strategy for your budget.


Module 5:
Base Strategies

Inexperienced investors stick to one strategy no matter what the market is doing. Their returns are entirely market dependent. But it's when you stack strategies that you really double down on your property profit. This module looks at Base Strategies including; Subdivision, Strata Title, Renovation, Retro-Fit, and House Relocation. By the end, you'll understand how to use these strategies to grow your equity and property income.


Module 6:
Cash-Poor Strategies

It’s not easy to save money for property. Affordability in the current housing market is at an all time low in Australia in particular. But there is hope! In this module we'll dive into the many alternatives out there that can get you into property investing or grow your portfolio with 'low or no' money down like; Savings and Budgeting, Joint Ventures, Vendor Financing, Rentrepreneur, Builders Terms, Swaps, Options, and 'Rent to Buy'


Module 7: 
Development Strategies

There are so many steps along the way to a successful and profitable property development outcome. In this module learn to hone your skills as a property developer including; how to build your team, managing the D.A. process, how to fast track your applications, and understanding development feasibility calculations. Plus, learn to assess whether a property has development potential.


Module 8: 
Commercial Strategies

Commercial property can be an extremely rewarding place to play, but without the correct knowledge, it becomes a very high-risk game. In this module, we'll introduce the potential of buying cheaply increasing rents and delivering a massive return on investment. At the end, you'll advance with the knowledge of Commercial Cash Flow, Weighted Average Lease Expiry, and Yield Calculations.


Module 9:
High Yield & Multiple Income Strategies

When the market is uncertain, you want a high-return strategy that is relatively low-risk and that's where High Yield & Multiple Income Strategies come into play. Here, we'll cover everything from Short Stay (AIRBNB), Set and Forget Strategies, HMO, Single Room Rentals, New Generation Boarding House, Rooming House, and the Best and Highest Use of an investment property.


Module 10:
Sell Strategies

In a seller's market, properties sell quickly and typically for a higher price. But if your property listing is languishing with no 'bites,' you may need to look at changing your approach to one of these three things; The Price, The Property, Your Agent. You'll learn to understand how the language an agent uses can diminish your sale price, how to adjust your listing in search to avoid negatively affecting the price, and how to stage your property to maximise returns.


Module 11:
Property Finance & Depreciation

Understanding property finance and accounting, and knowing how to structure these to work in your favour can make or break your success. In this module, we'll explain loan serviceability and look at ways to ensure you can borrow again to finance your next deal. Learn to understand commercial finance, its benefits and pitfalls, and how easy it will be to resell. Plus, we'll dive into depreciation, to maximise your profit.


Module 12: 
Undertanding Subdivision

Subdivision is a great way to manufacture growth in the value of your property. By taking a single parcel of land and dividing it into multiple parcels, you have the opportunity to also multiply your profit. In this module, we'll discuss; how to determine your potential outcome through council local planning schemes, understanding subdivision terminology, and key feasibilities you'll undertake to assess the profitability of a possible subdivision project.


Bonus Resources to Fast Track your success

We've stacked your bonus pack with professional tools designed and used by Ian Ugarte himself, perfected over his 3 decades in property investing and development. 

Bonus 1

If you want to grow your wealth fast in property, profit is the name of the game.

But too many investors jump into projects with their hearts, and not their heads. So how do you know whether your property project is going to be cash flow positive?

Use Ian Ugarte's custom-designed QUICK EBIT CALCULATOR to determine the operating profit of an income property before you invest. 

This tool alone could save you tens of thousands!

Bonus 2

Not sure if you're ready to start? Think you'd be better off waiting to save that little bit more? Well, time wasted is opportunity lost, and you'd be surprised to know that there are strategies out there for every level of investor! The strategy you should use has a lot to do with where you are at right now financially. 

Use our AVAILABLE WORKING EQUITY CALCULATOR to determine your true financial position and determind your next steps.

Bonus 3

So you've found a property and you have your strategy set, but you want to make sure you cross your t's and dot your i's! Failing to take into consideration the true cost of purchasing a property, the finance costs, and property outgoings, can turn what looks like a good deal into a dud!

This CASH FLOW FEASIBILITY CALCULATOR is the exact feaso used by Ian Ugarte to run the numbers on any deal and move forward with confidence.

Bonus 4
Want the secret formula to a Renovation Colour Scheme that adds value?

Your final course bonus is Ian Ugarte's interior and exterior specification guide that he uses on his most profitable developments. Inside you'll find a full interior and exterior paint specification guide that will take the headache out of your next development or renovation.

  • Tap into a tried and true colour palette that is proven to add value time and time again!
  • Interior guide comes complete with wall colour, doors and trim colour, and ceiling colour (and no, it's not ceiling white!) 
  • The exterior guide details the exterior wall colour, doors and windows, and the gutters and fascia colour.
  • This exclusive Renovation Colour Scheme also comes with paint finish specifications for every surface in your home.
  • This is the warm neutral scheme that buyers and renters love, and it suits most architectural styles.

About your instructor:
Ian Ugarte

Ian Ugarte is a full-time property investor, educator, public speaker, media commentator, and Australia's leading micro-apartment, rooming house and boarding house specialist.

An unstoppable entrepreneur and educator, Ian has not only taught qualified building trades at TAFE, but he also shares his expertise in the property development and property investing fields, having educated over 230,000 people at his live masterclasses over the past decade. He is recognised as one of Australia's leading property experts.

A regular media guest across Domain, 2GB, Financial Review, Sky News Real Estate, Today Extra, The Sydney Morning Herald,, and many leading property media publications; he's leading a movement to make these types of affordable housing available to people on limited incomes, and help the everyday investor reach REAL financial freedom using positive cash flow property. He is the author of the book 'Small Is The New Big' and host of the podcast 'Small Talk Big Ideas'.

Save thousands with our pro tools and training

Created for property-pros and novice investors alike, this is the broad-reaching property investment training course that downloads three decades of my experience, knowledge, and advice.

As a former TAFE NSW educator, live seminar speaker, and a property educator and mentor for over 20 years, I've made sure these lessons are detailed yet easily absorbed. The classes are delivered in pre-recorded video lessons with supporting worksheets and resources.

Plus, I've shared with you inside the course, pro tools, and custom calculators that I use in my own property development business on every deal.

The time it takes to create and customise these tools, and my private coaching would cost over $25K. And similar property courses are valued at up to $5,000.
But I want you to have the head-start in property I wished I'd had.


Advanced Property Systems Program




  • Online Course Access for 1 student
  • Access to Private APS Facebook Group
  • 12 x Modules of content with weekly pre-recorded webinar lessons
  • 12 x Downloadable Module Workbooks
  • Bonus Calculators, Feasibilties, and Checklists
  • Bonus Renovation Colour Scheme
  • Start Immediately
  • Lifetime Access
  • Technical Support
  • Your questions answered weekly by instructor Ian Ugarte via the APS Facebook Group
  • Access to student-only discounts on other Ian Ugarte courses 

Advanced Property Systems Program




  • Online Course Access for 2 students
  • Access to Private APS Facebook Group
  • 12 x Modules of content with weekly pre-recorded webinar lessons
  • 12 x Downloadable Module Workbooks
  • Bonus Calculators, Feasibilties, and Checklists
  • Bonus Renovation Colour Scheme
  • Start Immediately
  • Lifetime Access
  • Technical Support
  • Your questions answered weekly by instructor Ian Ugarte via the APS Facebook Group
  • Access to student-only discounts on other Ian Ugarte courses 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 


Buy with confidence. Quality guaranteed.

We are committed to providing the ultimate learning experience, which is why we back every APS course purchase with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our commitment to quality education gives you peace of mind when making a decision.

If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply contact us within 10 days of purchase for a full refund of any course not completed.

Join our community and learn from Australia's leading expert in Cash Flow Positive Property

Read what students of Ian's courses have to say ...



The education we have received has honestly been life changing for our family. We have learnt and grown so much since joining the program. We have freedom now to make amazing choices, we have time, we have a quality family life and work balance and we just continue to learn and grow. 



I took on Ian's coaching program for 12 months wanting to kick start my investing with the safety of working with someone who’s done it before. I walked out with an incredible new skill set having learned not just the numbers for feasos but the ability to look at any deal from a creative viewpoint, stacking strategies and focusing on win win scenarios for all parties involved.



IAN UGARTE is a loving community where you can seek and offer the help in all the aspects.  Since we joined in this community, we’ve found our family has been ever so driven towards our goals...It is not just about a group of the people who try to make money but also we love to help others to create the better life they deserve.

*Above testimonials provided by students of Ian's High Income Real Estate Program - an advanced program in Positive Cash Flow property strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access all modules immediately?

Immediately upon enrolling, you'll receive an email with your login details, and you can access the introduction module and module 1 to get started with straight away. From then on, one module per week (for 12 weeks) will open, and you'll receive an email reminder to let you know that your next lesson is live. Completed lessons remain open with lifetime access. So at the end of the 12-week program, you can return to your course and review as often as you like. Likewise, your access to the APS Facebook Group will remain open.

Does the course include Ian's HI-RES strategy?

Yes! If you're considering implementing Ian's High Income Real Estate strategy (converting ordinary residential properties into high-yield, affordable micro-apartments) and would like to know more, this course gives you a great foundation in the strategy. We'll cover this in Module 9. If you would like to join Ian's HI-RES program at any point during the course or in the future, you can access an exclusive discounted enrolment offer by contacting our team.

Can I enrol at a later date?

yes you can, however the curse bonuses may not apply. So even if you have commitments and are not ready to start straight away, we encourage you to enrol now and take advantage of the special offer as your course access will remain open indefinitely.

What sort of support can I expect?

As a community, we are stronger and smarter together! So we like to share our support questions and answers with the whole APS community so that everyone can benefit. Have a question about any one of the week's lessons? You can ask Ian directly via the APS Facebook Group by posting on the page. You can also access technical support via Facebook or via the live chat box at the bottom right corner of the screen on our website.

Is the course graded or marked?

No, the course does not have exams, quizzes, or tests. We do, however, provide you with downloadable worksheets to complete as you work through the content. This is a great way to reinforce what you've learned, and you can review your workbook at a later stage if needed.

How long do I have access to the course?

Your access to the APS online course and Facebook Group is ongoing and unlimited. Plus, any course updates, improvements, or additions over time are provided with no extra fee. We do, however, ask that you only access the course from a limit of 2 devices to avoid login sharing. Partner packages are available at a significant discount for those who would like to join and learn together. In fairness to the other students, those found to be sharing course access will be removed immediately.


Advanced Property Systems Program




  • Online Course Access for 1 student
  • Access to Private APS Facebook Group
  • 12 x Modules of content with weekly pre-recorded webinar lessons
  • 12 x Downloadable Module Workbooks
  • Bonus Calculators, Feasibilties, and Checklists
  • Bonus Renovation Colour Scheme
  • Start Immediately
  • Lifetime Access
  • Technical Support
  • Your questions answered weekly by instructor Ian Ugarte via the APS Facebook Group
  • Access to student-only discounts on other Ian Ugarte courses 

Advanced Property Systems Program




  • Online Course Access for 2 students
  • Access to Private APS Facebook Group
  • 12 x Modules of content with weekly pre-recorded webinar lessons
  • 12 x Downloadable Module Workbooks
  • Bonus Calculators, Feasibilties, and Checklists
  • Bonus Renovation Colour Scheme
  • Start Immediately
  • Lifetime Access
  • Technical Support
  • Your questions answered weekly by instructor Ian Ugarte via the APS Facebook Group
  • Access to student-only discounts on other Ian Ugarte courses 


Are you as excited as I am?

I'm a big believer in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, because it's in those moments that you learn the most, and more importantly, you grow!

Almost 3 decades ago, I started in property, and I've made my share of mistakes and learned more than I could have imagined.

I've designed this course as a download of my knowledge and experience. It's the jump start I wish I had when I started out.

And I'm so excited to share it with you.

I can't wait to see you in class!

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