Fundamentals of Property Investment

Your step-by-step guide to understanding every part of property investment.

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So you think you have a handle on property investing?

Well I've been investing in and developing property for more than 3 decades, and there's still things I learn every day. I've packaged this in-depth training program with everything I've learnt and then some!

It was Benjamin Franklin that reportedly said, 'An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.'

And when it comes to property investment, there were never truer words spoken. We're not taught this stuff in school. It takes years of practice, mistakes, lucky wins, unfortunate losses, and hopefully, strategic gains, before you truly know how to sidestep the risks.

I've designed this course to speed up that process for you and put you in the driver's seat on the F1 racetrack to your success in property.

Why am I sharing this?

Because mistakes in property are expensive. And I want you to make less of them.

Inside this course you'll find modules full of in-depth training on the most relevant and profitable strategies.

Not high-level information that you can find anywhere online, but detailed instructional videos, notes, feasibilities and more. It's a download of 30 years of knowledge, and it is the most comprehensive property investment course on the market.

The Fundamentals Of Property Investment

Fundamentals of Property Investment is the ONLINE COURSE that will broaden your investment knowledge in everything from Commercial Property, Development, Renovation, Subdivision, Co-living, Rentrepreneur and Joint venture Deals, Property Finance and Asset protection. Ideal to fill in your knowledge gaps, make you aware of every opportunity and were the risks lie.

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Enrolment into Fundamentals of Property gives you lifetime access to the Online Course, with 14 in-depth training modules. Enrol with the bundle offer (all modules at once) and save $390. Or, purchase one module at a time, or only those modules that fit your knowledge gaps.

We've made it easy for you to choose your own Property Fundamentals adventure!

On-Demand Video Lessons

There are over 200 individual course lessons and video tutorials across this highly comprehensive program.

When you enrol in the Fundamentals Bundle, you'll get instant access to ALL of the content, so you can work through it at your own pace, and course access is ongoing.

Downloadable Lesson Worksheets

Download the lesson worksheets as you work through each module to cement your learning.

Take notes and complete the lesson tasks as you move through each property strategy. Worksheets can be completed online or downloaded and printed.

Bonus Calculators & Feasibilities

Access financial feasibilities, calculators, and checklists designed to help you understand the financial principles behind finding and managing a successful deal, development, renovation, or subdivision. Plus, bonus lessons with expert professionals in finance, taxation, & asset protection.

Course Curriculum

14 Modules designed to give you a deep understanding of Property Investing, Finance, Asset Protection, Taxation, Deal Due Diligence, Base Strategies, High-Yield Strategies, Sell strategies and more. Become a generalist first, and then deep dive into the strategy that you'll focus your energy and funds into as you make your way up the property ladder.


Module 1:
Property Investment Mistakes

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Real Estate Quadrant
  3. Investment Areas
  4. Residual Income & Treasure Trove Deals
  5. Neutral to Positive Cash Flow
  6. Becoming an Expert
  7. Law, Ethics, and Building a Rapport
  8. Start Small Learn Big


Module 2:
Asset Protection

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  1.  Introduction
  2. Understanding Structures


Module 3:
High-Yield Strategies

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  1.  Introduction
  2. Short Stay Rentals
  3. Set and Forget Strategies
  4. HMO, Single Room Rentals
  5. New Gen Boarding House
  6. Best and Highest Use of a Property


Module 4:
Base Strategies

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  1. Construction
  2. House Relocation
  3. Strata Title
  4. Renovation and Retrofit


Module 5:
Cash Poor Strategies

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  1. Savings and Budgeting
  2. Joint Ventures
  3. Vendor Joint Finance
  4. Rentrepreneur
  5. Builder's Terms
  6. Vendor's Finance
  7. Swaps
  8. Options and Conditions
  9. Rent To Buy


Module 6:
Commercial Strategies

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  1. Introduction
  2. Commercial Cashflow
  3. Weighted Average Lease Expiry
  4. Yield Calculations
  5. Commercial Feasibility Spreadsheet


Module 7: 
Development Strategies

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  1. Development Approvals
  2. Fast-track Applications


Module 8: 
Finding The Best Deal

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  1.  Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Steps 3, 4, and 5
  4. Steps 6, and 7
  5. Steps 8, 9, and 10
  6. Steps 11, 12, and 13
  7. Steps 14, 15, 16, and 17
  8. Steps 18, 19. 20, 21
  9. Steps 23, 24, and 25
  10. Final Steps


Module 9:
Investment Growth

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  1. Capital Growth
  2. Strategy Stacking by Equity
  3. Manual Growth


Module 10:
Finance, Tax, & Accounting

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Three C's
  3. The Three C's - Character
  4. The Three C's - Capacity
  5. The Three C's - Collateral
  6. Getting Market Ready
  7. Cross-Securitisation
  8. Joint Ventures
  9. Structures
  10. Types Of Loans
  11. Pre-Approvals
  12. Valuations
  13. Finance Strategies
  14. Private Finance
  15. Taxation and GST
  16. Depreciation
  17. Property Accounting Spreadsheet


Module 11:
Sell Strategies

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  1. Introduction
  2. Internet Listing Strategies
  3. Property Staging
  4. Increasing Saleability
  5. Agents


Module 12: 

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  1. Introduction
  2. Renovation Spreadsheet
  3. Tradies
  4. Trade Quotes
  5. Timelines
  6. Uplift - Keep v Sell
  7. Dial Before You Dig
  8. Pest Inspections
  9. Asbestos
  10. Minimum Hourly Rate
  11. Keyword Search
  12. Home Warranty Insurance
  13. Renovation Feasibility Spreadsheet
  14. Renovation Example
  15. DIY
  16. Design Concepts
  17. Designer or Architect
  18. Contract Legalities
  19. Elements of a Renovation
  20. Adjusting Finishes
  21. Approvals
  22. Purchasing
  23. Renovation Summary


Module 13:

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  1. All About Subdivision


Module 14:
Property Professionals

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  1. Finance
  2. Asset Protection
  3. Town Planning
  4. Development and Taxation

About your instructor:
Ian Ugarte

Ian Ugarte is a full-time property investor, educator, public speaker, media commentator, and Australia's leading micro-apartment, rooming house and boarding house specialist.

An unstoppable entrepreneur and educator, Ian has not only taught qualified building trades at TAFE, but he also shares his expertise in the property development and property investing fields, having educated over 230,000 people at his live masterclasses over the past decade. He is recognised as one of Australia's leading property experts.

A regular media guest across Domain, 2GB, Financial Review, Sky News Real Estate, Today Extra, The Sydney Morning Herald,, and many leading property media publications; he's leading a movement to make these types of affordable housing available to people on limited incomes, and help the everyday investor reach REAL financial freedom using positive cash flow property. He is the author of the book 'Small Is The New Big' and host of the podcast 'Small Talk Big Ideas'.

Save thousands with our pro tools and training

Created for property-pros and novice investors alike, this is the broad-reaching property investment training course that downloads three decades of my experience, knowledge, and advice.

As a former TAFE NSW educator, live seminar speaker, and a property educator and mentor for over 20 years, I've made sure these lessons are detailed yet easily absorbed. The classes are delivered in pre-recorded video lessons with supporting worksheets and resources.

Simply, there is no other course like this available!


Fundamentals Of Property




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  • 14 x Modules of content with pre-recorded webinar lessons
  • Downloadable Module Workbooks
  • Bonus Calculators, Feasibilties, and Checklists
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  • Technical Support
  • Lifetime Course Access
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Property Professionals

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We've educated almost 3,000 Australian investors, and the proof of the superior quality of our education is their many, many success stories. 

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Read what students of Ian's courses have to say ...



The education we have received has honestly been life changing for our family. We have learnt and grown so much since joining the program. We have freedom now to make amazing choices, we have time, we have a quality family life and work balance and we just continue to learn and grow. 



I took on Ian's coaching program for 12 months wanting to kick start my investing with the safety of working with someone who’s done it before. I walked out with an incredible new skill set having learned not just the numbers for feasos but the ability to look at any deal from a creative viewpoint, stacking strategies and focusing on win win scenarios for all parties involved.



IAN UGARTE is a loving community where you can seek and offer the help in all the aspects.  Since we joined in this community, we’ve found our family has been ever so driven towards our goals...It is not just about a group of the people who try to make money but also we love to help others to create the better life they deserve.

*Above testimonials provided by students of Ian's High Income Real Estate Program - an advanced program in Positive Cash Flow property strategy.

Special OFFER!  Enrol now and get UNLIMITED ACCESS + SAVE $390!

Are you as excited as I am?

I'm a big believer in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, because it's in those moments that you learn the most, and more importantly, you grow!

Almost 3 decades ago, I started in property, and I've made my share of mistakes and learned more than I could have imagined.

I've designed this course as a download of my knowledge and experience. It's the jump start I wish I had when I started out.

And I'm so excited to share it with you.

I can't wait to see you in class!

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