Your path to explosive Real Estate growth and exponential achievement


A program like no other...

An exclusive property and personal achievement accelerator for anyone looking to grow their wealth, health, success, and happiness. Grow to your full potential with a powerful sustained forward motion that will set you on a path to financial and personal goal fulfillment.

What is Mastermind?

An elite mentoring program that uses a neuroscience-based approach to fast track your property and personal success, hosted by leading Australian property expert, Ian Ugarte.

In Depth Weekend Events

3 in depth exclusive Mastermind Weekends (held ONLINE during COVID restrictions).

  • Saturday = Property - Sunday = You Day
Meet The Mentors

Get in front of those personal mentors that make

Ian Ugarte successful. Become a part of his highly successful community.

Forward Planning

Access to exclusive Forward Planning Software, plus one-on-one time to learn to implement. You won't be asking 'What are the first steps?'

Build Your Mindset

Find out your weaknesses and blind spots by comparing yourself to multi million-dollar property investors. (Program offered at the Mastermind discount price - $279).


Become a 'Feaso Guru' with dedicated classes to help you learn how to run the numbers and assess the profitability of any deal before you commit.


Join 2 x Mastermind-only webinars per month, held on the 2nd and 4th week. You want more one-on-one time? This is how you get it!


We hold you accountable and help you plan your; Mission, Purpose, & Values.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the Mastermind-only website content. Review your sessions and content as you move through future deals. (Program ends December 6, 2022).

Deal Reviews

Exclusive to Mastermind Program members, our deal review processes  will help you decide if a project or property purchase is  right for you right now.

Private Facebook Group

Join the community of current Mastermind Program members in our private Facebook group. 

Fundamentals Of Property FREE

Our Fundamentals of Property ONLINE COURSE will fill in the gaps in your property knowledge and help you stack strategies. (Yours FREE. Valued at $3,999 RRP).

Joint Venture Opportunities

HI RES joint venture opportunities!  Be part of Ian Ugarte's personal property deals, or create your own JV with other elite students.

Accountability Sessions

Fortnightly live accountability sessions held on Zoom with your fellow Mastermind students.

Fingerprint For Success

F4S software helps you understand and adopt the mindset of a successful property investor, giving insights into personal motivations, blind spots, natural talents and weaknesses

Setting Goals

Goal Setting Process and tracking program designed to help you break your goals into achievable, trackable steps.


Need Support – We are here to help YOU

with your W.H.O.L.E life! (Wealth, Health, Opportunity, Love, and Evolution).

The WHOLE MASTERMIND Program is more than just a property mentoring program. It's a powerful blueprint for fast tracked progress and positive change. The program is designed to support the W.H.O.L.E you (your wealth, health, opportunities, love, and evolution). We're with you every step of the way to ensure your success!

How you'll grow...

You will ...

  • Re-defined your expectations of success permanently and at a much higher level.
  • Learn leading edge property, business and mindset smarts that will save you significant time and money, and help you avoid expensive mistakes.
  • Build powerful connections and almost certainly some deep and nurturing friendships too.
  • Move steadily forward. It is astonishing and powerful what can be achieved in one year of sustained forward motion!
  • Leap over obstacles thanks to your new skills and the success mindset this support system will give you.
  • Experience many amazing ideas born from fellow entrepreneurs helping their peer Masterminders.
  • Be empowered by the constant positive support system giving you the courage and wings to take your self and your portfolio to the next level.
  • Invest seriously in your financial future and your own personal success is a simple act that creates a disproportionately powerful mindset shift!


  • Be stuck in analysis paralysis, wondering which way to turn to get you to your goals.
  • Get to the end of yet another year and realise you are no further ahead.
  • Be limited by what others or you have told yourself you are capable of achieving.
*Application requires payment of fully refundable deposit + 15 minute interview, and completion financial questionnaire.

Mastermind Guest Speakers

Learn from leading edge property and business guest speakers, as Ian Ugarte opens his extensive network to Whole Mastermind Program members.

billy moore

Rugby League Legend

Michelle Duval

Founder - Fingerprint For Success


Join a community of like-minded Mastermind members 

Damian and I have been investing separately and together for over 20 years. We had gotten to the point in our lives that we had a portfolio of 8 properties, but no cash flow and no clear path forward.

We both are on our 2nd Marriage and although loved each other, looking back, recognised the same patterns coming thru that had contributed to the demise of our first marriages. Mastermind has been an absolute game changer. From the very first MM weekend in Sydney, we have not only changed our portfolio from cash flow negative to a point where I have given up full time PAYE work, but Damian and I now also have a greater understanding and acceptance of each other, that only enhances our property decisions. MM has pushed us both to want more out of life financially and emotionally. It's not all rainbows and unicorns but the pot at the end of the rainbow is brighter than ever.

- Ruth and Damian 

We both joined Mastermind initially to learn more about the SITNB, but discovered that this program is infinitely more. Initially, we didn’t really understand our true financial position, so with Ian’s and Christine’s help, we have uncovered the truth, and implemented their strategies to improve our finances. With their assistance and guidance, we have both leant and grown so much, it is the best decision we both made to invest in ourselves.

As part of the course, Ian had organised various guest speakers, who are informative, knowledgeable and inspirational people, this was an enriching experience for our minds, bodies and souls. We are forever grateful to Ian, whom has given us the opportunity to meet and listen to the amazing speakers, whom we would have never had experienced without him sharing his contacts.

An overwhelming Thank-you to Ian and Christine, who have created a wonderful team who are always there to support and encourage us and who have generously shared their time, wealth of experience and knowledge with us, which has been invaluable and life changing for the best for us both.


Watch Ruth and Damian's Story...

Why Mastermind?

Join a community of elite property entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do and are driven to grow their wealth, health and happiness. Mastermind is more than a network, it’s a family where everyone shares similar values, knows the journey you're on and genuinely wants to help you reach your potential.

Are you ready to accelerate your property and personal success? BY APPLICATION ONLY


A Proven Track Record of Student Success.

Apply with confidence. 

We are committed to providing the ultimate learning experience, and our commitment to your success gives you peace of mind when making a decision.

Over 100 students have been accepted the exclusive Mastermind Community. The proof of the superior quality of our mentorship is their many, many success stories. 

Let's Get Uncomfortable!

Every day, given the opportunity to make a decision, my advice is take the uncomfortable option every time.

No level of success has ever been achieved without some level of discomfort. So let's get uncomfortable together!

If you're not moving in life, you're losing in life!

Ian Ugarte
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