Sunshine Coast Daily: Invisible Homeless Left Out In Cold

Homelessness Week has me fired up and frustrated at the lack of insight state and local governments show in tackling the housing affordability issue (a significant cause of hidden homelessness.) When we have some of the largest and emptiest homes in the world, it’s insane to me that some working people can’t find an affordable place to live. Read my Letter To The Editor of the Sunshine Coast Daily below to see my solution for helping the hidden homeless.

Invisible Homeless Left Out In The Cold

By Ian Ugarte, Sunshine Coast Daily, Aug 7th, 2020

Homelessness Week’s “Everybody Needs a Home” campaign sees community groups pleading for more government cash to combat homelessness. But one section of the homeless population remains largely invisible, and they’ll stay that way if banking and government policies aren’t overhauled.

Minor changes to banking policy and government regulation, could see mum and dad investors create two million affordable places to live in under 12 months. A stark contrast to the mere 30,000 social housing properties being lobbied for by Homelessness Australia, costing the taxpayer $3.7 billion and taking four years.

A mix of red tape and outdated lending policies has hamstrung mum and dad investors who are in a position to help those who have more recently found themselves homeless – the ‘invisible’ homeless.

SCROLL DOWN for my solution that puts ‘Mum and Dad investors’ in the driver’s seat. 

Hidden Homeless

My solution is: 

  1. 500,000-plus Australian investors have two-plus properties
  2. Each mum and dad investor convert just one of their investment properties into four micro-apartments (with a private bathroom, bedroom and kitchenette)
  3. 500,000 properties times four micro-apartments equates to two million affordable places to live
  4. Taxpayer cost = $0 (as opposed to the $3.7 billion requested from Homelessness Australia).

Homelessness Week is the perfect time for our banks and governments to step up and do their bit to redress outdated policies.

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