7NEWS: Sunshine Coast the 11th most unaffordable housing market in the world

Sunshine Coast the 11th most unaffordable housing market in the world

Sophie Tetzlaff, 7NEWS, November 13, 2020

Statistics show that Queensland’s Sunshine Coast has the 11th most unaffordable housing market in the world. It’s a sorry story that we hear again and again. We have a growing housing affordability and homelessness crisis in Australia, and an oversupply of large (and mostly empty) single-family homes.

Watch my recent interview with 7NEWS to find out my solution to this growing problem and how property investors and government regulators can become part of the solution.

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Want more? Read the full interview below …

Sophie Tetzlaff (00:00):
This four bedroom home has been converted into four micro apartments to be rented separately.

Ian Ugarte (00:06):
So each person has their own bathroom, their own sitting area, their own kitchenette, and their own bedroom.

Sophie Tetzlaff (00:12):
Sunshine Coast property expert, Ian Ugarte, believes this is the solution to the housing crisis. Rent is cheaper and singles and couples won’t need to take up family homes.

Ian Ugarte (00:24):
About 70% of the people that are looking for rentals are either singles or couples. And 70% of the stock available for them to rent is a three, four, or five bedroom house.

Sophie Tetzlaff (00:33):
Stats show there are around 13 million spare bedrooms in Australia, but more than 100,000 people are homeless.

Ian Ugarte (00:41):
We are walking past homeless people every day, and we don’t know they’re homeless.

Sophie Tetzlaff (00:45):
New Labor MP, for Nicklin, Rob Skeleton, says he’s making social housing a priority during his first term.

Rob Skelton (00:52):
Especially, vulnerable women, getting them into a protected, sort of environment.

Mark Jamieson (00:56):
We have about, of our total housing, about 2% is community housing. Elsewhere in the state, the average is about three and a half percent.

Sophie Tetzlaff (01:03):
Community centers and not-for-profits are doing all they can to fill the gaps, but it will take government funding to make a difference. Sophie Tetzlaff, 7 News.

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