ANNOUNCEMENT: Ian Ugarte and Small Is The New Big take home BUILD 2020 Real Estate & Property Awards

When you’re passionate about what you do, you do it because you love it. But when you’re recognised for what you do, I can’t say it’s not a good feeling!

Today we’re super excited to announce that we’ve been recognised by BUILD Magazine in their annual Real Estate & Property Awards.

Our recognition comes in two categories: Most Innovative Real Estate Investment Specialists 2020 Australia & BUILD Excellence Award for Housing Affordability Social Initiatives 2020

The Real Estate & Property Awards is one of BUILD Magazine’s flagship awards programs, allowing BUILD to showcase the hardworking firms and individuals that have shown excellence and tenacity in ensuring their clients find and fabricate their dream homes and properties.

We’re so proud to have been recognised in these two categories, as we strive to address housing affordability and create opportunities for socially conscious property investors to join with us in our mission to make housing affordable again.

See the full list of BUILD’s 2020 Real Estate & Property Award winners HERE. We’re in great company!


BUILD 2020 Real Estate and Property Awards

Property expert, Ian Ugarte disrupts the property market through adaptable housing strategies and existing policies that enable homes to stretch and contract based on the needs of residents and renters, whilst providing mum and dad landlords with properties that don’t cause additional financial strain.

A qualified Builder, Plumber & Educator, Ian combines a more intelligent use of space with flexible floorplans, creating essential components of ‘community’ for residents.

Ian challenges existing mindsets and the love affair with ‘McMansions’ that are mass produced and create mass division in society.

His maxim: “It has to make (community) sense before it makes dollars.”


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