How the Circle of Life Brings Communities Together (And Helps Solve the Affordability Crisis)

Remember when we used to beg our parents for just a few more minutes at the playground? Not being able to go outside and play was the biggest punishment of all.

Today’s kids don’t see it that way. Instead, they’d rather focus on their online relationships. They’re spending way too much time inside.

Moreover, the adults may not see anything wrong with this. In many respects, we’ve lost our sense of community.

One of my goals is to change this. Better yet, this would only be one of the many benefits of my idea.

I call it the Circle of Life.

Picture this:

There’s a 5 bedroom home that has also been designed as 5 micro apartments.

Let’s say a young single is looking for accommodation. One of these micro apartments would be a great option for them, as it would have enough space and would be a more affordable option than renting a whole property on their own.

Now let’s say that sometime after moving, this person finds a partner. The two of live together in the micro apartment and they start saving for their own home. Each week they are saving one half, to one third of their rent by living in this type of accommodation.

The day finally comes and they are ready to invest in their own property.  Instead of investing in a standard 4 or 5 bedroom home for just the two of them, they decide to use a similar strategy to the one they were just living in, accept this time they own it. This way, they can live in one part of it and rent out the rest of the micro apartments which helps to pay their mortgage, maybe even covers it completely.

Let’s say this couple then has a child. This house has been built or renovated in a way so it’s adaptable. One tenant moves out and the young family takes over another portion of the house, whilst still bringing in some income from a smaller section. After bringing another child into the world, they either take over the whole house or find a bigger place and rent out part of it too… you get the idea.

At some point, one of the children grows up and wants to move out. As a 19 or 20-year-old, they start their own circle of life. As the other children leave, the parents either rent out more space or keep downsizing to a small home that’s perfect for empty nesters.

Ultimately, one of them dies. Having too much space to live by oneself, the other spouse goes back to the micro apartment style of living in a community.

This is the circle of life.

Doesn’t this make sense? This is the start of community which will bring back what Australia once had and exactly the kind of property developments that Australia needs right now.

This is my dream. And I’m inviting investors to join me so that we can make it happen. Interested? Just click here to sign up for my FREE live event.


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