How Property Investment Helped Kathy Stay Out of Paid Employment

Property investment is a great way for many people to gain more financial independence. Even better, the right strategy can help others solve one of the most important issues – finding a good place to live.

Kathy managed to do both. She and her partner started the HI-RES program hoping to find a better way of investing in property. They’ve been in the program ever since it first saw the light of day, and they’re still in the game.

Kathy states that, before they joined the program, their strategy was to “buy, hold, and hope”. Not the best approach to property investment, right?

They had previously bought a PPR with the intention of renovating and renting it out. However, Kathy says that if she knew at the time what she knows now, she would’ve renovated it differently.

Unfortunately, not long after they joined the HI RES program Kathy lost her job. So they looked at the properties they owned and started putting their HI-RES knowledge to use. This put a lot of pressure on the couple to get things right.

So they did. After implementing what they learned, their income rose to a level that made a day job unnecessary for Kathy.

Moreover, the couple found great tenants who enjoy staying in their property. A young female tenant states that she had a very hard time finding the right place.

It was either too expensive or in an area which she didn’t want to live in. After discovering Kathy’s property, she fell in love with and decided to rent it.

Kathy’s tenants could see the care that she and her partner put into designing the property. They find it very rewarding to do all the work, from the beginning research to the final touches.

No matter how good you are at property investing, having a fresh pair of eyes is never a bad idea. For more innovative ideas on how to invest the right way, click here to get a FREE copy of our “National Report: High Yield Opportunities in Affordable Housing”


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