How Michael Helps the Affordability Crisis (And Makes $2,000+/Week in Doing So)

So far, many investors have joined the HI-RES program with great success. By this, I don’t just mean making more money. Instead, they’re actively helping to solve the biggest issue facing the Australian property market.

By switching to affordable housing, they help people find their ideal accommodations without having to spend a ton of money.

Michael is a great example of successful investors that are changing the market for the better.

When he started the HI RES program, he was a single father of two juggling a job in IT and taking care of his kids.

He had some previous experience with property investment, but he wasn’t thrilled with the results. He wanted to get more serious about investing, but both time and money were tight.

This is why he decided to give HI-RES a try. He needed a straightforward strategy that will yield great results.

Michael found a nice home in Melbourne that he knew he could turn around. For a start, he rented the whole house for $700/week. With time, he could save enough money to pay for the necessary renovations, which he budgeted for between $40,000 and $45,000.

Once he had enough money, he renovated the home and outfitted it with nine rooms, along with a large communal area and garden.

You’re not going to believe the results. His weekly income jumped to $2,000, and it’s currently bringing in $2450/wk. According to his projections, it will take him all of eight months to a year to get his renovation costs back.

Not only did his finances get a boost, but he also made nine affordable rooms available to those looking for affordable accommodations.

This is what HI-RES is all about. People get more affordable housing options, and investors can secure a stable passive income.

I can help you to do the same. You don’t even have to own any property. You can start with or without.

To put all of this into motion, just click here and sign up for one of my FREE live events.


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