The Circle of Life – How to Start Feeling Like a Part of a Community Once Again

There’s no denying that life used to be more social. Think about it – when was the last time you saw a bunch of kids playing in the park? How many times do you get together with your friends on a weekly or monthly basis? 

My ultimate goal is to change this for the better. And one of the most powerful weapons in my arsenal is the Circle of Life. 

Imagine there’s a huge block of land where you can build multiple properties. I would first build two lots of rooming houses with 5-6 micro apartments each.

Let’s say that a Gen Y single moves into one of them. They have the comfort they need without having to overpay. This works for them until they find a life partner. That’s when they’d move to a bigger property, which I’d build on the same block of land.

They could join forces to invest in this bigger home, break it in two, and only live in the smaller part of it while renting out the bigger half. 

Until they have a child. Then the tenant moves out and the child goes into the smaller half. But then they have another child. 

No big deal at all. They can move into a bigger home on the same lot, with enough space for them to earn rental income on the side. 

Eventually, the kids grow up and want a place of their own. They’d start their own Circle of Life in the rooming accommodation. As the parents grow older, they keep downsizing as needed. When the inevitable happens and one of them dies, the other person goes back to the rooming house where they started.

Keep in mind that this can all happen on the same lot. People would spend their entire lives there, creating strong relationships along the way. This is how we can bring back our lost sense of community.

Sounds great? But I won’t be able to do this on my own. I’m asking investors to join forces with me for both personal gains and the greater good. Sign up for my free masterclass to get started.


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