The ‘Great Australian Dream’ Needs to Change

One of the things that sadden me the most is that people can’t let go of worn-out ideas when it comes to the Australian way of life. More specifically, there’s still an obsession over unnecessarily huge houses, despite a ton of proof showing that this doesn’t work anymore.

When you think of a boarding house, what’s the image that pops into your head? Many people may still picture drug addicts and unemployable people living on the edge of existence. 

What’s wrong with our society? While this might’ve been true during the 60s or thereabout, we’ve evolved so much since then.

It’s time for our perception to keep up with this evolution.

Many people in their 20s aren’t able to move out of their parents’ home. Even with a good job, the rents are way too high for them to live on their own. As a result, they’re unable to have the independence they deserve at this age.

A boarding house is only one of many affordable home options that would fix this. It’s a chance to create more efficient homes that will help relieve our market’s biggest pain point.

But there’s another thing preventing people from moving out. Once their parents get old, someone will have to take care of them. After spending too much time living with their parents, younger generations can easily end up staying for good.

This is where my Circle of Life concept solves the problem. It revolves around building multi-generational communities of affordable homes. 

Young people could move out much sooner as they’ll be able to afford a home without facing housing stress. They’ll also stay close enough to help their parents in need. As the younger generations grow up, they’ll circle through the affordable homes and truly create a community that sticks together.

This solves a property market issue that contributes to the biggest social issues of detachment and isolation.

If you’re ready to think differently, there are so many opportunities for you to build a new ‘Great Australian Dream’. Not only can you help people find a home but also build your wealth along the way.

To learn more about how this all works, sign up for my free masterclass.


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