2GB: Micro-properties to help ‘invisible homeless’

Homelessness Week reminds us all of how much work there is to do to assist in solving the housing affordability crisis in Australia. I made it my mission to do just that with Small Is The New Big. Listen to my chat with 2GB’s John Stanley below as we discuss how every day investors can help the thousands of invisible homeless get back into quality affordable housing through micro-apartment conversions.

Micro-properties to help ‘invisible homeless’

Hosted with John Stanley, 2GB, Aug 3rd, 2020

This week is Homelessness Week and the focus is on those who are forced to sleep in streets and parks on a nightly basis. However, the attention can sadly be taken away from the ‘invisible homeless’, referring to people who have fallen on hard times, who find refuge in their car or on friend’s couches. They may not look homeless, but they have nowhere to call home.

Ian Ugarte, founder of Small Is The New Big, suggests ‘Mum and Dad investors’ can help the ‘invisible homeless’ by converting investment properties into micro-apartments. He joins John Stanley to further explain the proposed solution.

Download this podcast and find out more about how micro-properties help the invisible homeless here

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