February 11




Small Is The New Big, Duplex Property

Momentum Property is a boutique development agency at the forefront of affordable housing concepts in Australia.

Consistently engaging within the Public Speaking arena and closely connected with the Future Housing Taskforce, Government Departments and Local Councils throughout the States and Territories in changing perceptions, and building size and design, to create affordable and needed outcomes for the Community, residents, investors and Government authorities.

Focus is on the sale, purchase, rental and management of single room rental, dual key designs, share housing and the development of multi-functional living in Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO).

We operate within an untapped area of growth. Our team stands apart from the mainstream in it’s ability to support our clients with big picture solutions, honest feedback and detailed service.

Whether you are just entering the market or are an experienced investor, becoming part of the Momentum Property Community gives you ‘members only’ access to seminars, webinars, on-line training, support and introductions to every stage of investment in Real Estate and culminates with our signature program the High Income Real Estate System or HI RES as you may know it.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and integrity and are nationally recognised as a team that is passionate, consistent, dedicated and industry leaders within the knowledge of rules and regulations for single room rentals, HMO’s, Rooming Houses and Boarding Houses.

This recognition has given us the opportunity to work with a vast network of likeminded specialists at all levels in unique and specialist areas.

As part of the Momentum Community, you also, will have access to these professionals within the finance, legal, insurance and compliance aspects of your investments.


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