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Already Own a Property?


Already Own a Property?

If You Already Own a Property, This Could Double Your Cashflow Returns Within Months

In 2016, Kieron was collecting $620 per week with the property on the left, a 4 bedroom house in Brisbane.

After following our recommendations, by 2017 it had increased to $1,270 per week.

After costs that gave Kieron an extra $14,820 per year of positive cashflow.

Can you do the same with your property?

It depends. Here is the criteria your property must pass in most cases:

  1. You must have 3+ bedrooms
  2. You must have a house or townhouse rather than a unit
  3. You must have enough cash to complete the renovation

Joel Keefer is another case in point…


He owned a two bedroom, 3 bathroom house which was 15 years old and rented for $360/week for the entire property.
It was the first property he’d ever purchased. There was no real strategy behind it. It was just buy and hold.
He tried to sell it, but all he could get was lowball offers.
So he was in a bit of a bind, particularly since he had another subdivision he needed funds for.
Together we crunched a few numbers, and discovered by turning it into 3 micro-apartments he could generate $750 – $800/wk instead of $360/wk – an extra $20,820 per year.

Here’s a quick comparison…

Before Conversion After Conversion
Rent received
Difference in rent over 12 months
Difference in rent after 10 years

Our team actually helped him transform it in a weekend, on a 48 hour live challenge which was watched by thousands of people all over Australia.

Free Report Reveals: The ‘Red Carpet’ Invitation To Property Investors From Government…


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Already Own a Property?

Already Own a Property?
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