January 9

Ready to Invest?


Ready to Invest?

Ready to Invest, But Confused About Picking the Right Property?

You’re ready to invest in a property. You have the deposit, or equity.  Perhaps you even have pre-approval.

Your next move is critical, particularly in these uncertain times with the threat of prices dropping, interest rates rising and stricter lending criteria?I’m sure you’ve read the headlines and seen the news stories.

But is 60 Minutes right? Will prices plunge? Will interest rates soar?

Or is this just another example of media based fear, trying to get attention and scare people.
Truth is, no matter what you’ve been told, it’s almost impossible to pick the direction of the market with a great degree of certainty.

That’s why we recommend a cash-flow first philosophy, so no matter what happens you’ll be looked after. (what’s more, because it’s generating more cashflow – you’ll also get more capital gain. We’ll explain how that works in a moment).

What’s more, when it concerns cashflow, please remember…

Not All Properties are Created Equal, Even if They Look Similar

The properties below are a case in point…

Both are of comparable size and design. Both have 5 bedrooms. And they’re both in the same ordinary, everyday suburb. Yet…

The Property on the Left Picks Up $1500.00 Per Week in Weekly Rental Income, Whereas the One on the Right is Stuck at Just $600

This can make a significant impact on your lifestyle.

Take Debra and Jamie for example.

They had a block in Brisbane and wanted to build on it, but the market conditions meant a traditional negatively geared property would set them back $15,000 a year.

Instead, they followed the unique “Hi-Res” process and achieved a $35,000 positive cashflow per annum.

That’s right. They added almost $700 a week to their income, instead of losing $300.

That’s a $1,000 a week difference… the equivalent of slogging it out at a job paying $50,000 a year, but instead earning it passively – while barely lifting a finger.

Would you like to achieve similar results to Debra and Jamie?

It can be done, make no mistake about it.

Even if you’re an experienced property investor. Just take a look at Kathy’s story:

So if you don’t want to invest in property based on the old paradigm of “buy, hold and hope”, and instead want to move forward with…

A “community based” strategy which generates double the returns and puts cash in your pocket every week.

A strategy where everyone wins.

A strategy which takes both you and your tenants from despair, insecurity and fear towards hope, confidence and certainty…

Then I urge you to attend one of our upcoming events using the link below:

Free Report Reveals: The ‘Red Carpet’ Invitation To Property Investors From Government…


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Ready to Invest?

Ready to Invest?
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