Why QLD’s Kathy and Peter wish they knew about HI-RES sooner

Before Kathy and her husband, Peter, joined HI-RES, their property investment strategy (like so many others) was to buy, hold, and hope! 

She had previously embarked on a large scale structural renovation of her principal place of residence (PPR). But that was before she discovered the cash flow positive strategy that is revolutionising the incomes and financial futures of Australian investors.

By taking ordinary, single-family residential homes and converting them into micro-apartments (also referred to as Rooming Houses or HMOs), investors like Kathy earn up to double average rental returns, while providing much-needed quality accommodation for the affordable end of the market.

“Knowing what I know now, we would have renovated it way differently,” she explains. “We walked away with our eye wide open, and neither Peter nor I will look at property in the same way again!”

Not long after Kathy and Peter completed their High Income Real Estate System training with me, she was made redundant. But she was able to replace her income quickly by applying the strategy.

“I look back, and I’m quite blown away from what we’ve achieved, what we’ve created, and it’s pretty awesome!” Kathy explains.



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