Rentrepreneur Loretta cashes in by converting someone else’s property

Loretta from QLD had been searching for a cash flow positive property strategy when she found HI-RES!

The ‘Rentrepreneur’ strategy really interested me because I’m at that point in my life where I can’t really go and borrow a lot of money to keep buying properties,” Loretta explains.

She was excited by the idea of renting someone else’s property to convert into a Rooming House, HMO, or micro-apartment development. 

” I thought this is perfect. I don’t have to pay rates. I don’t have to buy a property… but I can still put enough into the property that I can generate a really good income,” she says.

After completing her High Income Real Estate System training, Loretta embarked upon her first deal.

‘Becoming educated is really important because that just makes the steps so easy to go forward,” Loretta says.

She understood that even though her micro-apartment were to be rented to tenants looking for affordable housing, she could attract a high calibre of tenant and maximize her return by presenting the property well.  

She’s leaned on the HI-RES community for help along the way as she embarked upon her conversion. And reached out to me as well!

She says, “The most amazing part has got to be how active Ian is in this process and in the whole program. He’s the type of mentor that doesn’t just hand you the booklet and let you go. He’s continually there.”

Oh, Shucks Loretta, you’ve made me blush! But seriously, that’s what it’s about for me. There’s nothing I like more than seeing my students succeed and grow their incomes and gain freedom in the process.



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